iPick : Signed

Shelby : GT500 1967 GT500 Numbers Match Signed by Shelby Show Cond.

422: P. Buckley Moss Popcorn Wagon Signed Signed NR

421: P. Buckley Moss Quilting Hour Signed Print NR

447A: P. Buckley Moss Angels 2 Framed Signed Print

448A: P. Buckley Moss Family of Love Signed Print N

457A: P. Buckley Moss For Generations Signed Print

460B: P. Buckley Moss Arm in Arm Signed Print NR

462A: P. Buckley Moss Soldier Boy Signed Print NR

463A: P. Buckley Moss Summer Hearts Signed NR

465A: P. Buckley Moss The Clown Framed & Signed NR

466A: P. Buckley Moss Zachary Signed Print NR

467A: P. Buckley Moss Reading Signed Print NR

468A: P. Buckley Moss Family Heritage Signed Print

469A: P. Buckley Moss Boy & Goat Signed Print NR

470A: P. Buckley Moss Afro Girl Signed Print NR

471A: P. Buckley Moss Judy Signed Framed Print NR

472B: P. Buckley Moss Little Erica Signed Print NR

473A: P. Buckley Moss Geese Signed Framed Print NR

Heidi lithograph signed& numbered by Edna #1228898

Wallace Nutting Lrg. signed -A Berri Brook #1229217

Wallace Nutting Print, lrg. signed(Nestercote) #1229218

.telephone,Candlestick, signed &power Box #1229219

The Warrior by Frank McCarthy 344/650 Signed #1228253


Bird Prints Signed Anne Worsham Richardson #1228168

Art Nouveau Oil Painting of Roses Signed #1229223

Signed and Numbered Artigas Untitled #1228198

Signed Nesbitt Fruits #1228202

Signed and Numbered Nesbit Pastel Orchid #1228203

Signed and Numbered Nesbit White Orchid #1228204

Signed and Numbered Nesbitt Carnation #1228205

Signed Guiramand Untitled #1228206

Artist-signed Limoges Porcelain Platter #1229143

Signed Piece Brown and Red Abstract #1228217

Signed Unknown Dark Brown and Orange #1228218

Signed Levine 18th New York Film Festival 1980#1228231

Signed and Numbered Ernst Paris Review #1228233

Signed Pitigliani I was here, Bicentennial 1986#1228236

Signed Grau Rita a Las 3:30 #1228238

Signed Rosenquist Starfish, 1974 #1228240
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